The history of Gnarly Head

Founded in Lodi of California and managed by the Indelicato family, Gnarly Head is named after the free-standing old Zinfandel vines in the region. These gnarled vines provide the inspiration, and Gnarly Head produces bold, full-bodied, sophisticated and juicy wines.

All the pride of Gnarly Head

Long history family-owned winery, sticking to stable high quality.

All the grapes of Gnarly Head zinfandel, averagely 30-85 year-old, come from Lodi, the well-known classic zone for old vine zinfandel, featuring unique intense flavors.

Chinese Chief winemaker established the original wine style for this californian wine brand. “ I’ve been in the position of winemaker in California for over 30 years, and now the wines with my tag can also be bought in China, it’s like a dream come true.” – Chief Winemaker Wangzhentian

Gnarly Head Chardonnay

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfande

Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon


1.0 Stars

1.0 Stars

1.0 Stars




??1.0 Stars? 0-300 RMB

??2.0 Stars? 300-800 RMB

??3.0 Stars? 800-1500 RMB

??4.0 Stars? 1500-3000 RMB

??5.0 Stars? > 3000 RMB

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