Henschke is the most recognised name in the Barossa’s Eden Valley

The Henschke family has been making wine since Johann Christian Henschke planted a small vineyard by hand on his diverse farming property at Keyneton in 1862. He was one of many Silesians who had fled their homeland in search of religious freedom, and he arrived from Kutschlau in 1841. The wine was initially intended for consumption by family and friends, but with the first commercial release in 1868, the wheels were set in motion for greater things to come. The historic winery and homestead, also built in the 1860s, was constructed from sedimentary stone farmed from the Henschke property, and stands as a testament to their family’s hard work and passion for the land.


In more recent times, fourth-generation Cyril Henschke pioneered varietal and single-vineyard wines at a time when blended wines and fortifieds were in vogue. His greatest legacy was the creation of Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone in the 1950s, shiraz wines from Eden Valley that have captured the red wine world’s imagination.

Today, fifth-generation Stephen Henschke and his wife Prue are passionately upholding the family name and reputation. They are a highly regarded team who are recognised for the complementary nature of their roles – Stephen as winemaker and Prue as viticulturist. While they are perhaps most famous for Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone, they continue to surprise with their new styles and techniques. Prue’s meticulous, innovative viticultural management has seen not only new life breathed into the venerable vines, but also a new direction given to white winemaking that their forebears could never have imagined.

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