Wine Auction

ASC Auction House

In order to meet the fast growing demand for fine wines in the region, ASC Fine Wines launched its fine wine auction division – ASC Auction Co., Ltd – in November 2010 thus becoming the first licensed professional wine auction house in China.

The establishment of ASC Auction Co. matches the growing demand for fine wines in China by providing access to the most sought after wines of the world through a new platform.

In addition to being the first fine wine auction house in China, ASC’s fine wine auctions excel because of the unique customer and market oriented service it provides.

Chateau Direct

Authentic provenance guaranteed at a competitive price

Unlike most wine auction houses that source their auction lots from individual collectors, our longstanding partnerships with the world’s top Chateaux allows ASC Auction Co. to source directly from producers. In this way we can guarantee the authenticity, quality and competitive price of the products.

Excellent service

Multiple options for delivery destination

First and foremost, ASC is a professional wine importer based in China, so we can provide better services than other auction houses and bring the wines that customers buy in the auction into China. There is therefore no need to worry about the difficulties of complicated logistics and customs procedures.

However, if our customers wish to receive their wine in Hong Kong or Bordeaux, we can also provide duty unpaid offers for them to bid.

Commission free

More savings for buyers and a donation to support charity

As a general practice by the auction trade worldwide, buyers are often charged a commission of 20-25% for each lot

ASC organizes several auctions a year that enable those interested in wine, an opportunity to acquire allocated Bordeaux Grand Cru Classes wines as well as rare wines from world renowned fine wine producers such as Gaja, E.Guigal, Leroy, Shafer, Joseph Phelps, each of which with clear provenance certificates directly from the owners cellars.

For more information about ASC Auction Co. Ltd or our upcoming auctions, please contact our Fine Wine Division for further information: [email protected]

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