Wine Storage

wine storage

Worldwide Storage Solutions

For exquisite fine wines, a long period of aging is essential for achieving optimal drinking pleasure. While aging releases the flavors and increases the complexity of the wine, it also requires delicate storage conditions to keep the wines in good quality.

At ASC, we help you with every part of your extraordinary wine journey. Wine storage is no exception. Therefore, Wine Gallery by ASC offers a range of worldwide storage solutions for your collection of ASC wines. Whether you are looking at starting a collection or adding to an existing one, you can entrust our storage services with your treasured wines.

Why store your wines with us??

Storage Locations: A variety of locations in France and China for storage

Storage Conditions: Round-the-clock temperature, humidity and light control to ensure the highest quality of the wines

Security: 24-hour security surveillance

Stock Tracking: Check your stock through the Wine Gallery by ASC App

Service: Your sales representative as your one-stop contact point for our convenient collection and delivery service

Storage Locations

Our storage services are available in both duty-free and duty-paid warehouses in a number of cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Bordeaux region of France.

Duty Free Duty Paid
Bordeaux Wine Residence
Hong Kong Shanghai Warehouse
Shanghai Bonded Warehouse


Contact us now for more information or reservation of our storage space.
E-mail: [email protected]

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