Grand Cru Classe

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ASC is a professional and well-capitalized fine wine specialist and has been dealing with fine wine in China for over 22 years – nobody understands more about the concept of fine wine than ASC.

ASC leads the import and distribution of Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé and Artisan fine wines from all over the world in China. Through our relationships with the top wineries throughout the world, ASC has valuable access to an extensive range of investment grade fine wines. We ONLY source fine wines directly from the producer or merchants appointed by the Chateaux owners to ensure the provenance, authenticity and investment value. All our fine wines are shipped and stored in ideal conditions to preserve their freshness and lifespan.

ASC’s in-house wine experts are always on standby to advise you on your fine wine purchases, whether for investment or for pleasure. Moreover, ASC Fine Wines is a pioneer in offering En Primeur in China, guaranteeing your access to Grand Cru Classé wines as soon as they are released.


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